And there was still nothing… but you could see it!

I started thinking about my Raspberry Pi based security camera, and started wondering about what sorts of things it could do to make thieves decide to leave my house alone.  I need to startle them, or make them think that someone has seen them.  Certainly the cameras at Tommy’s house didn’t make them think twice.   Nor did the always-on high-intensity floodlights at another neighbors; these guys tried his car doors, too, but didn’t get anything.

I have to assume that traditional motion-detection floodlights might deter the newest and jumpiest of criminals, but more experienced thieves will ignore them because their behavior is predictable.  Walk here,  Click.  Light.   No experienced thief thinks that it’s a person turning on the light.

No, I need to do something they’ve never seen before.  Something that plays to their fears.

I need to scare the shit out of them.

I had the idea of switching a very high-intensity light on and off like a strobe, several seconds after motion was detected.   Let them approach the car.   Concentrate on it.  Then they’re hit with a 5Hz strobe for a second or two, followed by the entire area being lit up like a prison yard.


With some luck, the thief will look towards the strobing light – and my camera – as I take full-exposure pictures.  I told my neighbor about what I wanted to do.  He liked the idea.  Then he said something brilliant.

“Can you strobe red & blue lights?   They’d think the cops have shown up.”

I could hardly wait to get back to AliBaba and Amazon to see what I could find for high-intensity, color-settable lights.

I found this.


10W may not be enough, but the price is sure right at $15 delivered.  But is it hackable?   We’ll find out soon enough.


One thought on “And there was still nothing… but you could see it!

  1. I have a 10 W LED flood (white, not color changing). It is useful to light a one-car-length driveway at night, but maybe not enough if you want a well-lit photo.

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